IMG_0939Executive Board: 2018-2019


President: Allison Flores 

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Year: Senior

Major: Communication

Minor: Public Relations & Spanish

Hometown: Highland Park, IL

Career Goals: I hope to work at a public relations firm specializing in fashion and beauty in the digital media or client relations sector. Long-term, I would want to work as a publicist for entertainment clients and figures.

Internship Experience: Last summer I worked at DKC, a small PR firm in downtown Chicago with consumer, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment clients. I gained strong experience in PR writing, client relations, media relations, and event planning.

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: The huge diversity of students we have here on campus as well as the endless professional opportunities.

Hobbies: Dance, music, yoga, reading, bingeing shows on Netflix

Favorite Quote: “If at first, an idea does not sound absurd, then there is no hope for it” – Albert Einstein

Favorite PRSSA Moment: Working with a renowned entertainment client: Roger Ebert Music Festival.



VP of Agency: Junka Tani 

Year: Senior

Major: Communication

Minor: Public Relations & Global Markets and Society

Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL

Career Goals: I hope to work for a renowned public relations agency in the Chicago area.

Internship Experience: Worked at a start-up company called Rewards21, and was the media coordinator. I was in charge of contacting new clients and marketing our services.

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: The endless opportunities you are given and how you will meet new people every day.

Hobbies: Bingeing YouTube videos and Netflix shows, going through pictures of interior designs, traveling, going to shows and the beach.

Favorite Quote: “Just do it” -Nike

Favorite PRSSA Moment: Getting to visit multiple PR agencies with the whole PRSSA group. I got to know a lot of the PRSSA members through this trip while gaining valuable experience.


VP of Communications and Digital Media: Faith Washington 

Year: Junior

Major: Communication

Minors: Psychology & PR

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Career Goals: I hope to work in healthcare Public Relations and create public health campaigns. 

Internship Experience: During the 2018-2019 school year, I interned with EbertFest working on the social media and outreach committees which allowed me to create original content and promote EbertFest through various channels of communication.

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: The camaraderie among students and the huge campus with a lot of activities

Hobbies: Working on puzzles, playing trivia games, volleyball, and binge-watching marvel movies with my friends  

Favorite Quote: “When you think positive, good things happen.”-Matt Kemp 

Favorite PRSSA Moment: Visiting Zeno Group, Allison + Partners, and Golin during my first Networking trip with PRSSA  


VP of External: Carolyn Meisles 

Year: Senior

Major: Communication

Minors: Public Relations & Social Work

Hometown: Northfield, IL

Career Goals: I hope to work at a PR agency with a focus on entertainment. 

Internship Experience: In the Summer of 2018 I worked with Life In Motion as their PR, marketing, and sales intern. For this internship, I created marketing campaigns, analyzed consumer behavior, and led pre and post-production for a podcast series.

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: The endless opportunities to get involved in something that you are passionate about and the fact that I meet new people each and every day (even as a Senior).

Hobbies: Yoga, photography, traveling, skiing, hiking, going to concerts

Favorite Quote: “Nobody goes there anymore it’s too crowded”- Yogi Berra

Favorite PRSSA Moment: The networking trip!


VP of Internal: Lynn Lin 

Year: Senior

Major: Communication

Minor: Public Relations

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Career Goals: I would like to become a Mergers and Acquisitions Consultant for non-profit organizations, which specialize in prison reform/reentry services.

Internship Experience: Undergraduate Intern for the Education Justice Project (within the College of Education) since October 2017. Also, (as part of the PRSSA) I was a PR Intern for both Ebertfest and Jarling’s Custard Cup.

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: Definitely the tight-knit and friendly community

Hobbies: Songwriting, watching films and exploring the town with friends

Favorite Quote: “The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” – Spike Jonze

Favorite PRSSA Moment: Designing and folding three-dimensional flyers with my Jarling’s Custard Cup team.


VP of Treasury: Jimena Carrasco

Year: Senior

Major: Communication, Sociology

Minor: Public Relations

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Career Goals: I hope to work in a PR agency with a travel team or work in a PR agency that has offices around the world

Internship Experience: Interpreter for Promise Healthcare and Head of Communication for Roger Ebert’s Film Festival

Favorite thing about Urbana-Champaign: The sunsets are very beautiful

Favorite Quote: “Treat Yo Self” – Tom & Donna (Parks and Rec)

Favorite PRSSA Moment: Going to the PRSSA Networking Trip and getting to meet a lot of people who are already in the field!